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About Bodega

The origin story follows a very familiar narrative. Mark and Mike shared a dedication to their kids sporting adventures, specifically Youth Hockey where the boys played for the same club in Boston.   

Built and managed by a few of the players parents, the bodega hopes to give parents an opportunity to purchase products for their children using creative, reliable, and low or Zero margin means. 

Shipping and Returns

Check out the FAQ Section (We are still building it!). If in doubt, use the best method - come talk to one of us at practice and we can solve the problem together like real people!!!

How do you set margins? 

Three inputs. We simply take:

1. The cost of the item. 

2. The cost of regular shipping.

3. A number agreed upon by the parent group that includes accommodation for site costs, shipping variations and accommodations for things like coaches gifts at the end of the year etc.


We recommend using 5% as a safe margin that covers all of these. (This is the default setting on all products when a store is opened). ​

How Bodega Works

We utilize the latest innovations in Print-On-Demand technology that allows us to offer bespoke and one of a kind items with no minimums and at competitive prices. Our POD partners manage all of the printing, fulfillment and returns. 

We simply create your items using images either we find or your provide and voila! its made! 

Want Something Custom?

We can place an image or asset you have on any of the products below. There are no minimums! 

What POD providers are available to sellers through the platform? 

The list includes the following

Who powers your storefronts? 

We use several different front-end platforms depending on the partner, and the intended use case. 

Are their Minimums?


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